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Green silicon carbide (CCH 63C, 64C)


Green silicon carbide (CCH 63C, 64C)

Green silicon carbide (CCH 63C, 64C) is used for the manufacture of medium and small circles grits. It has high hardness and cutting ability, is used for production of abrasive tools, grinding of cast iron, hard metal, nonferrous metals, stone and glass. It has high fire resistance and thermal conductivity, it is used in the manufacture of refractory products. Also has the electrical properties and is used for the production of high-voltage arresters and silit heaters.

Mark63S, 64S
Technical features

Green silicon carbide (CCH 63C, 64C)

Russian versionКарбид кремния зеленый 63С, 64С (ККЗ)

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