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Electrocorundum, polishing powders
Oils, lubricants, emulsions
Liquids, resins, clays, varnishes
Industrial materials
Chemical reagents
Building materials


23 november 2020

Asbestos-Textolite brand A; Textolite; Phenoplast; Fluoroplast. Storehouse in Moscow (Russia).


28 february 2020

Syntanol; Glass beads; Zeolite; Shellac; Vaseline. Storehouse in Moscow (Russia).


20 january 2020

Electrocorundum, the polishing powders; Boron carbide; Hexagonal boron nitride; Optical polishing (Polirit abrasive); Ftoropol; Optipol. Storehouse in Moscow.


12 january 2020

Vacuum oil VM-1 -300 rub/kg


22 february 2018



For over 14 years ERMAKCHEM Co. is helping large and small business of Russia and UIS (Union of Independent States) in the complex so­lution of complicated technology problems. ERMAKCHEM Co. carries out supplying with oils and lubricants, grinding powders, chemical reactives, other industrial substances and materials, and is also manufacturing greasings for concrete casings and forms (SBO-greasing ).


For over 14 years ERMAKCHEM Co. is carring out free of charge consul­ting for selection and using industrial materials and equipment in manufactoring processes (Phone, Internet).

For over 14 years ERMAKCHEM Co. is carring out supplying, repairs, modernization and replenishment of laser, electroerosion and vacuum equipment (including leasing).

We carry out delivering to all regions with any transport, also barter, interpayments, rebatements and are ready for to be your Representative in Moscow region and St.-Petersburg.

We acquire industrial materials (oils, lubricants, chemical reactives, grinding powders and other unclaimed materials) as well as being been used (second hand) laser, electroerosion and vacuum equipment in any condition.

We will be glad to mutually profitable collaboration with you!


For over 14 years

+7(903) 732-32-47
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