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Main/Catalog/Industrial oil I-220PV. (All-Union State Standard) 17479.4-87.

Industrial oil I-220PV. (All-Union State Standard) 17479.4-87.


Industrial oil I-220PV. (All-Union State Standard) 17479.4-87.

Тechnical characteristics.

Density at 20˚C, not more than 900. Kinematic viscosity, mm2/s, at 40˚C 198-242, at 100˚C 17.5-20.0; viscosity index is not less than 95. Flash point, determined in the crucible, ˚C, not lower than 220. The solidification point, ˚C, is not above than minus 10. Acid number, mg KOH to 1g of oil, not are more than 0.2-0.4. A mass fraction of the mechanical impurities, %,  is not more than 0.010. A mass fraction of water, % , is not more than tracks. Coking property, % , is not more than 0.5; anticorrosive properties: corrosion index is the absence; the de-emulsifying properties: the time of the stratification of emulsion, minutes, is not more  than 20; volume of layers (oil-water- emulsion), of cm3, is not more than (40-37-3); stability against the oxidation: viscosity change, % , is not more than 10; change in the acid number, mg KOH to 1g of oil, not more than 0.15. 


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GOSTГОСТ (All-Union State Standard) 17479.4-87.
Technical featuresOil I-220PV is petroleum oil of selective purification, in essence from the sulfurous oils with the additives, which improve the shielding, antioxidant, de-emulsifying and antifoaming properties.
Russian versionИндустриальное масло И-220ПВ (И220ПВ)

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